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Writer's Block: Free your mind

Yes, I think it will happen.

The society has come really far on this field in the last, say, century; even in the last few decades. Racism will fade as newer generations with no memories of the bitterness between the 'races'(I dislike using this term, since I believe we all belong to the same race) take their places in the world. Granted, their parents and grandparents could always instill prejudice within them, but take a look at how much more liberal the schooling systems have become-and the media, too. As wrong, incorrect and as bad an influence the mass media can be when it comes to other issues I'll not mention here, they can do good for the cause of erasing racism for all times.

I mean, take a look at Barack Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Beyonce, Rihanna, Will Smith. Alright, focusing on those young people would see on TV or read about online, let's stick to Beyonce and Rihanna. If the kids adore Rihanna and are swayed by all the media says about Beyonce and how great she is, the chances of them ever being actual racists despite their, say, grandaparents' or parents' own misconceptions, become much slimmer. I do not claim that is all it takes, but it is one, good, step forward and gives us hope. ^^

Thankfully, you do not see schools with racist teachers who attempt to indoctrinate their students with their racism now; not where I come from, anyways. No, students are more encouraged to talk, there are psychologists, psychiatrists and all that at schools-they all follow the progress and the problems of the students. I am aware of the fact this is not the case in all parts of the world, I also know the staff is not always competent, but hey, if we can do it, it meants it can be done. ^^

As for those who already are racists and have been that for the majority of their lives, it is not too late for them. I believe it is never too late, though the process would, in most cases, be much longer than with younger people. Generalizing is something I despise, since each is their own person, but it's just an uneducated guess of mine. xDD

So, yeah, we can overcome racism. We can destroy it, too.

And we will.

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