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Your name/username: Beta
Have you been stamped before here? If yes as who/what?:
Jaime Lannister
Mirror Arianne Martell

Check your preference:
[ ] Male stamp
[ ] Female stamp
[x] Gender not important

Tell us about your ideal castle. Where would you build it? What architecture would it have? What would be specially important/prominent in it: security, a pompous throne room, gardens, port, etc?

Oh, it'd be large. Wow, well, that's a start. :P

Nah, really, it would be built at a place that is easily accessible, so the people can come to me without too much trouble. My favorite place would be in the middle of a bustling city.

Of course, it would have security, since I can get paranoid at times and would want myself and my loved ones to be well-protected. The throne room would be extravagant, but I would make sure it's comfortable, too. I also would never build a pompous throneroom while my people were hungry. I'd probably call them all in and have them feast, or donate the gold from my own throne to situate them xD, honestly. My castle would only be made fancy when all the people in my land were fed, clothed and safe. Otherwise, I'd feel much like a royal arse. xD

I'm not well-versed in architecture. It'd probably be a mix of sorts. I'd like large rooms to be there, for parties, guests, etc. I'd like to be able to give people who come to visit a wonderful experience. There would also have to be smaller rooms for me to enjoy-and for those who like them that way. There would be gardens, certainly, with benches to sit at, with fountains and playgrounds for kids. Lots of trees, too. I'd most likely climb them myself xD. I'd love to have a little grove. I'd also really love a nice beach to be nearby, sandy but with cool, clear water. And the stables. :D

What's your royal sigil?

Have been thinking on this while writing the answer to the question above. I'd like a black background, with a huge, red heart in the middle. On each of the heart's sides, there would be a torch leaning towards it. Dunno why-I guess it sounds as if people would feel passion when they look upon it. And hope. And they wouldn't think me scary, but they would think I'm prominent and it would emit a certain dose of strength. :)

Please assign the following professions to any canon ASoIaf character:
1) Your Hand
Arianne Martell
2) Your Captain of the Kings/Queensguard
Jaime Lannister. <3 I know he'd love it. Otherwise, I might put him as King's Hand. ^^
3) Your General of Army
Tywin Lannister
4) Your Master of Coin
Tyrion Lannister
5) Your General of the Fleet
Stannis Baratheon
6) Your Master of Law
Mance Rayder
7) Anyone else you want to include in your small council? Explain why.

Grand Maester-Qybrun :D
Master Of Spies-Varys

Royal weddings/unions are important. Who would you marry and why? (you can chose up to two characters)

Oberyn Martell. He's dark, handsome, lustful, passionate, scandalous, liberal--am I to go on? xD Even if I happened not to marry him, I'd definitely like it if he was my lover. I'd marry him for love, I think. :)

Jaime Lannister. The reasons are simillar-I adore him as a person. :) <3 I obviously wouldn't really pay attention to political ties when picking my groom. ^^ I'd do it all for feelings.

If you were King/Queen in Westeros what do you consider the most important and urgent improvements to be done in the Kingdom? And how do you achieve it?

First of all, I would make certain there was no poverty. I'd do my very best to feed every person, make certain they had a roof over their head and safety. I'd forbid executions and I would establish relations with the wildlings. ^^ I would not force my nobles to give away their own gold, though; I'd use my own. If they wished to follow my example, so be it. If not, well, then no.

You have to make a decision. Your small council and yourself are not of the same opinion. Will you listen to their advice or go ahead with what you think?

That depends. It is very likely I would go ahead with what I think, more than very likely. But it would depend on the issue we are discussing. If it's, for example, military strategy, I'd go with what Tywin says. xD But if it's something I know a lot about and care for, and that I have strong convictions about...I'd listen to what they had to say, sure. I'd take it into account and rethink the issue. If after all that, my opinion remained unchanged and I was certain my actions were for the best, I'd go ahead and do what I planned on.

If the people of the land were unsatisfied with what I did, though, I'd most probably condescend. Unless I thought what they wanted inhumane, unjust, etc.

Some of your high Lords have committed a crime, that could be considered treason, but for good reasons. How do you punish them?

Well, I do not. Not really. I shut myself in a secured room and talk to them for a long time. Or a short time, until I understand why they did what they did. Then, if they have done any damage that can be repaired, they would have to repair it. Some of their powers would be taken away, of course; King's Hand would no longer be King's Hand, but I'd still keep him in the Council. Actually, I'd keep them all in my palace for a very long time, to keep a close eye on them. If they killed someone, they'd have to look their family in the eye and explain why.

I would not shame their families or take away their lands. That wouldn't contribute to anything and it certainly wouldn't make the people on those lands happier.

Of course, there's also the chance of them being right and me being incredibly idiotic. Then, I'd still keep them in the palace for some time to watch them, but I would admit that they were right and make necessary changes.

There's also the chance of them killing someone close to me. I can't say how I would act then, but I'd be harsher. Much harsher. And that wouldn't be good or productive.

You are being invaded by another (human) force, that apparently is much stronger on the military side. What do you do?

Tywin. What Tywin does. :) He'd take care of it for me.

I'm not a fan of wars. I wouldn't let someone just take away my lands, though. Hopefully, I'd be able to negotiate well with the invaders and convince them to drop the fight.

If Tywin says he can't win, we negotiate surrender. But we don't let them walk all over us with their terms, despite being the losing side. Using emotions, reason, passion, appeals, we negotiate.

You need/want a part of land that does not belong to your Kingdom. What do you do about it?

I ask for it. I offer something for it. I beg for it if it is really, really important. I only invade if the life of someone I love depends on it, or if more people would be hurt by me not taking it than by me taking it.

Please bold the seven traits you find most important in a ruler:
- A strong infantry/cavalry,
- A strong fleet,
- Security in your capital,
- Improving life of the smallfolk,
- Security at the wall,
- Spirituality and faith
- Tourneys and entertainment,
- Justice,
- To be feared as king/queen,
- To be loved as king/queen,
- Diplomacy,
- Security of your smallfolk,
- To expand your territory,
- Freedom and equality for everybody
- Being close to the smallfolk
- Knowing all your kingdom

And also (now a bit less serious) bold any number of traits on this list that you think are particularly important:
- Having a big supply of wildfire stored
- Being able to burn rebellious Lords with dragons
- Traveling around the Kingdom on a dragon
- Abundance of brothels and tourneys
- Dragons! Also: hot guys with mustaches.
- Being able to wear whatever you want and playing the lute
- Traveling across the sea, immediately taking over the first kingdom you find and hooking up with hot guys.
- Complaining about the monarchy while simultaneously calling yourself a king anyway.
- Being able to have a romantic relationship with the brother of your spouse
- Getting your daughter-in-law arrested on false charges.
- Hanging out with your BFFs 24/7
- Cutting off the fingers of your best friend
- “Comforting” grief-stricken kings.
- Traveling throughout the kingdom in disguise.
- Outlawing beets and playing with kittens
- Marrying who you love and not being killed for it at the wedding of your uncle
- Selling your sister for an army and having success
- Build a strong fleet, get rid of your useless son and making your daughter your successor
- Radical diet in the name of Faith
- Getting to rule (and read!) in peace without your half siblings causing wars for generations to come.

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