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Writer's Block: How could you?

Would you ever take someone back after they cheated on you, and why? What could change your mind?

Love could. Forigveness could. Anyone can make a mistake and I believe all is not only to be forgiven, but has already been forgiven by destiny before it had even happened. There are no defined rules in life that define our actions; therefore, there is no rule saying that you must break up with someone for them cheating on you, no matter how many times people, each for their own reasons, attempt to make that a rule. You do, in this case, as you feel like doing.

Let me say, no matter how much someone might have hurt me or how many times they might have cheated on me, if I still loved them afterwards, yes, I would take them back in a blink of a bloody eye. If I loved them, I would have them back, no matter what they might have done; if they wanted back. I would forgive them, too-regradless whether I loved them still or not. Grudges and bitterness are not what the world and the future can be built upon.

Fear and caution, being scared of experiencing hurt and betrayal again, they are our defense mechanism. They do not work. They produce the opposite effect. When you, by preventing yourself from experiencing or re-experiencing love, wish to avoid hurt, you do not. You only get more hurt becase you are holding back from something your being wants. The 'defense mechanism' is a natural reaction, not so much one we are born with but one we are taught, in various manners, by the society. Perhaps it is even, at least partly, a produce of our genetics, who could possibly know? But that is not the point here. The point is that the best way to defend ourselves, in this instance, is to follow how WE feel.

If you feel you would be unhappy in a relationship with the person who had cheated on you, if you do not want that relationship and get this straight from your heart, then do break up with them.

If you feel you would miss them terribly, that you would be happier than anyone in the world just to hold them again and be with them, if you feel you would feel good in a relationship with them, take them back/keep them. You'll make it work: I know. :))

This was an in-depth explanation of the 'listen to your heart'(I prefer to say, listen to your emotions)saying. Logic and reason play minor roles once you have come as far as this situation warrants-their sole purpose, basically, is to help you form your feelings into understandable sentences. ^^


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