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"I don't believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don't judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free."
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Unpopular Man Love Post? Do want! ^^

Recently, today, I have posted a number of entries in the 'The Unpopular Woman Love Post' at [info]halfamoon . But what I also want to see now is 'The Unpopular Man Love Post'! ^^^^  Thanks to people at [info]halfamoon  for the idea of such posts in general. :))) It's really great, thumbs up! ^^^^

Seriously, if I had a community, was real popular on LJ and such, I'd make that post. In fact, if anyone does read this post, they can consider it 'The Unpopular Man Love Post', if they like, or they can point me to a post with a simillar topic. ^^  To explain what exactly these posts are(or at least the one that exists is :) ): you comment with the names of the characters anywhere in fiction that you find are being looked down upon/hated/considered unpopular. And those who agree with you give those charries their love ♥. :)))

I, myself, believe everyone deserves love, so I would really like to see more of simillar posts that do not pertain just to women {{halfamoon, though, are a community dedicated to female heroines-- so, please, do not misunderstand this as me criticising them :((  }} ^^^^^^

On a different note, separating what I am about to say from what is said above this line;;;;

...there. Separated. ^^


Lately, I have, in life generally, been detecting what I believe would be called 'female chauvinism' by the majority of those who would analyze it objectively. I will refrain from giving it any names, because, frankly, most of the names we do not come up with ourselves can be interpreted in even more ways than those we did come up with on our own. :PP 


What I have noticed is men being treated worse and being humiliated because of just one thing:  being male.  This was done by women, in spite of the fact they had not been harmed, insulted or hurt by these men they slandered, to put it so. "You are a man, you're a bad person.'--> literally this way, if you want me to quote and simplify completely. The comments I am talking about were serious, not joking and not light. I have even come across women who believe that it is perfectly all right if a woman hurts a man, that it's okay; but if a man hurts a woman, then he's a pig. While she is not, for doing the same thing. A man is not allowed to comment on a woman's boobs, but a woman is allowed to comment on another guy's ass. The man, in this case, is considered terribly shallow and discriminating(some would go as far as to call it harassment), while the woman 'just has eyes'. ?????  There are so many posts/groups/whatever that present the situation of the world as 'good, powerful, perfect women having to gang up and defend themselves from weak, stuck-up, dominating, evil men'. If men created as large a number of such representations and demonstrations, they'd be called upon as chauvinists straight away. Insults to men, in our society, are not taken nearly as seriously as insults to women.

Equality? What happened to equality? I'm looking about for it. :(((  Maybe it's hiding under our beds. :( What happened to the wishes and dreams and efforts towards equality?

I am not saying that there are no men who discriminate women. Absolutely, there are 'male chauvinists', but there are also 'female chauvinists' and I believe the latter are very much an ignored issue in our society. Yes, most of the history is 'male history', and men had been in power over women throughout the majority of the past centuries(those we have recorded, at least--remember matriarchal societies from BC?). Were all men abusive towards their women, though? Were abusive ones a majority?(I honesty do not know the answer to the last question, so I won't go further on that since I'm ill-educated on that part of the topic v.v )  I am of the belief that many are delivered injustice when we judge them over what people of their gender used to do. I've heard of female societies that had women owning their male mates--does this mean all of those women were abusive towards them? Were the abusive women a majority?(again, don't know the answer :( ). Women cannot be judged over that example, either.

Maybe the ages of men owning women were vengeance for that kind of matriarchism. Does that make it perfect and right? NO.  Does encouraging discrimination of men and supremacy of women over men because of those years of patriarchism make that perfect and right? NO.

I sympathize with women abused by men-just as I sympathize with men abused by women. I sympathize with men abused by men and women abused by women.

I sympathise with people abused by whoever. I sympathize with people in general. Why is gender so important? I don't even consider someone's gender as an argument that decides how they should be treated! I am a woman, and I say women are not better than men just as men are not better than women! We're-the-same-when-it-comes-to-equality-and-rights.

I understand women who have been hurt/affected by men and their reasons for having a negative emotional reaction to them, and I understand the men hurt/affected by women and their reasons for having a negative emotional reaction to them. I understand when someone shoots a gender-related insult at you, you feel the need to shoot the same at him.

But I also understand all those who are hurt when they are discriminated by people they had never done anything to (and even those they had not even seen before) in their lives and are unable to find proper support because of their gender. Male or female. If you, a woman/man, insult the opposite gender by calling them 'idiotic like all men/women', imagine a man/woman you would find perfectly likeable as a person standing next to you. They are as hurt as you were when the first insult kicked you. :(( Even if they happen not to be your acquaintance at all. Did they deserve that? No more than you did. Meaning they did not. ^^^^

To cut to the chase-if this can be done with such a topic at all-I do not believe any person is to be definitely dubbed 'pig' as a general rule; any person at all. Male or female. Let us strive for equality, not female domination. Women often want to keep the "good" parts of 'traditional feminine'--->such as guys opening doors for them and being chivalrous to them. They also want all equal rights as men. The rights-of course, naturally. Women and men should have equal rights.

But why would it be a 'must' for a man to let a woman before him in a queue, and perfectly all right when a woman doesn't do that to a man?  I often hold doors for men. ^^ They do it for me, too. THAT's equality for ya. ^^ The other thing--nuh-uh.

As for the past-I sympathise with those who are tortured and troubled by it. But I am of belief that all our sins have already been forgiven before they were even committed----> we are not to judge, we are to try and help(again, my opinion).

I also consider that those males surrounding you have not sinned if their ancestors beat their wives. :(  Gods, they have feelings just as women do! When a man is insulted, the majority of women will say: ah, you just insulted one man!(lots of those I know will add 'all men are pigs' just to 'sweeten' it :((((( ).

When a woman gets insulted, in my experience, most of women are all: Oh, you've just insulted all women everywhere! 

When you insult a person, you insult that person. Don't bring their gender into it. >.<

I also believe we would all be much better of if we let the past be, didn't bother ourselves with it and worked together for a brighter, equal present. Future.

Easier said than done.

But it can be done.



Writer's Block: How could you?

Would you ever take someone back after they cheated on you, and why? What could change your mind?

Love could. Forigveness could. Anyone can make a mistake and I believe all is not only to be forgiven, but has already been forgiven by destiny before it had even happened. There are no defined rules in life that define our actions; therefore, there is no rule saying that you must break up with someone for them cheating on you, no matter how many times people, each for their own reasons, attempt to make that a rule. You do, in this case, as you feel like doing.

Let me say, no matter how much someone might have hurt me or how many times they might have cheated on me, if I still loved them afterwards, yes, I would take them back in a blink of a bloody eye. If I loved them, I would have them back, no matter what they might have done; if they wanted back. I would forgive them, too-regradless whether I loved them still or not. Grudges and bitterness are not what the world and the future can be built upon.

Fear and caution, being scared of experiencing hurt and betrayal again, they are our defense mechanism. They do not work. They produce the opposite effect. When you, by preventing yourself from experiencing or re-experiencing love, wish to avoid hurt, you do not. You only get more hurt becase you are holding back from something your being wants. The 'defense mechanism' is a natural reaction, not so much one we are born with but one we are taught, in various manners, by the society. Perhaps it is even, at least partly, a produce of our genetics, who could possibly know? But that is not the point here. The point is that the best way to defend ourselves, in this instance, is to follow how WE feel.

If you feel you would be unhappy in a relationship with the person who had cheated on you, if you do not want that relationship and get this straight from your heart, then do break up with them.

If you feel you would miss them terribly, that you would be happier than anyone in the world just to hold them again and be with them, if you feel you would feel good in a relationship with them, take them back/keep them. You'll make it work: I know. :))

This was an in-depth explanation of the 'listen to your heart'(I prefer to say, listen to your emotions)saying. Logic and reason play minor roles once you have come as far as this situation warrants-their sole purpose, basically, is to help you form your feelings into understandable sentences. ^^

Writer's Block: Universally speaking

If you could have a conversation with any animal in the world, living or dead (such as a childhood pet), which animal would you choose?

A fly, mosquito or spider. They are all so small and unnoticeable-the things they could tell me, the information they could bring! xDDD Seriously, though, I believe they'd free me from a number of concerns thusly.

Writer's Block: Free your mind

Yes, I think it will happen.

The society has come really far on this field in the last, say, century; even in the last few decades. Racism will fade as newer generations with no memories of the bitterness between the 'races'(I dislike using this term, since I believe we all belong to the same race) take their places in the world. Granted, their parents and grandparents could always instill prejudice within them, but take a look at how much more liberal the schooling systems have become-and the media, too. As wrong, incorrect and as bad an influence the mass media can be when it comes to other issues I'll not mention here, they can do good for the cause of erasing racism for all times.

I mean, take a look at Barack Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Beyonce, Rihanna, Will Smith. Alright, focusing on those young people would see on TV or read about online, let's stick to Beyonce and Rihanna. If the kids adore Rihanna and are swayed by all the media says about Beyonce and how great she is, the chances of them ever being actual racists despite their, say, grandaparents' or parents' own misconceptions, become much slimmer. I do not claim that is all it takes, but it is one, good, step forward and gives us hope. ^^

Thankfully, you do not see schools with racist teachers who attempt to indoctrinate their students with their racism now; not where I come from, anyways. No, students are more encouraged to talk, there are psychologists, psychiatrists and all that at schools-they all follow the progress and the problems of the students. I am aware of the fact this is not the case in all parts of the world, I also know the staff is not always competent, but hey, if we can do it, it meants it can be done. ^^

As for those who already are racists and have been that for the majority of their lives, it is not too late for them. I believe it is never too late, though the process would, in most cases, be much longer than with younger people. Generalizing is something I despise, since each is their own person, but it's just an uneducated guess of mine. xDD

So, yeah, we can overcome racism. We can destroy it, too.

And we will.

DNA ^^


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